ACA Curriculum

At Angels Daycare we are aiming to provide your children with good quality childcare as well as a good start to their education. We will cover the seven areas of the curriculum, which are as follows:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children are encouraged to develop social skill i.e. showing politeness and respect for other children’s property, Sharing toys and taking turns, understanding right from wrong, enjoy being together in a group, such as meal times, cooking and singing classes.


Communication, Language and Literacy

Children’s language skills are developed through singing as well as talking, early literacy skills are learnt by looking at books, then the children progress towards reading and writing. We hold a song time at sometime throughout the day and the children are encouraged to join in with rhymes and poems. Each week the children are also given a letter to work with and play games relating to the specific letter.


Mathematical Development

Early math skills are taught through sorting colors and shapes, playing with water and enjoying a variety of board games. Every day the children will talk about the date, this introduces numbers and counting in an informal way. As the children progress they will be given various number activities to complete whenever they attend, this will include counting, subtracting and adding up.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This includes activities relating to technology, science and geography, such as nature walks, planting and growing seeds and cookery. Also included in this area are cultural activities.


Physical Development

We encourage the children to develop skills such as holding pencils correctly and using the proper cutlery at meal times. We use jigsaws, pegs and beads to develop small muscle movements. Music and movement and outside activities and games, which encourage larger muscle movements.


Creative Development

We encourage the children to be creative using sand, paints, coloring pencils, junk modeling and collage material, clay and play dough. The children will make things at nursery, which they can bring home to show their parents or careers.


Spiritual  Development

We encourage the children to pray daily, they will learn the books of the Bible, scriptures from A – Z, Songs, Stories in the Bible and much more.