What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. From creating a comfortable environment by serving on a Host Team, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving on a Student Ministries Team, to crafting a dynamic experience with the Service Experience Team, to tearing down barriers across our city by leading a Small Group or partnering with the Dream Center Team—we are a group that forcefully advances the Kingdom of God.


Areas of Service

A-Team (Administration)

This team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization to serve alongside Dream Team leaders to seamlessly transition new Dream Team members into serving.

Communion Team

This team serves behind the scenes to prepare both the elements and the environment for Communion during our Wednesday and Sunday Communion services.

Dream Team | Outreach

This team is involved in countless ministries with a focus on bringing God’s love to our communities and world.

Dream Team Serve

This team faithfully serves to host our very own Dream Team members by providing refreshments, prayer and encouragement during services and special events.

Events Team

Church-wide events are creatively planned and energetically hosted by this team who places priority on valuing people and serving with excellence.


This team works diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in every area of our church. Serving opportunities include baptism, conferences and special events.

First Responders

This unit of health care providers serves to triage basic medical attention to our guests in the event of an accident or emergency at REVELATION CHURCH.


This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at REVELATION CHURCH. They welcome guests with a smile, encouragement and personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message.

Growth Track Team

As the official hosts of our Growth Track, this team greets guests as well as provides materials and assistance throughout our four classes.

RC Kids

This team creates an environment where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, skits, small groups, greeting, games and more.

RC Students

Join the team that is building the next generation, one dynamic worship experience, relevant Small Group, impactful retreat, and life-changing mission trip at a time!

RC Worship

Through vocals, instruments, or audio engineering, this dynamic team prepares the way for our guests to encounter the presence of the living God.

Information Center | Resources

This team connects guests to the Church community, providing resources and information on all of our current events, ministry opportunities and services at REVELATION CHURCH.

Legacy Team

Members of this team use the gift of giving to help fulfill the vision of REVELATION CHURCH. Through strategic financial offerings above their tithe, they support projects impacting our city, state, nation and world.

Online Campus

Connect with guests of REVELATION CHURCH from around the world as a part of the incredible team that encourages, prays for and builds relationships with those who attend Church online.

Parking Team

This fun and enjoyable team is truly the first impression of REVELATION CHURCH! If you relish the great outdoors, look good in a uniform, and enjoy telling people where to go, this is the team for you!

Prayer Team

This team of trained intercessors covers the weekend and midweek services in prayer, preparing the way for the Lord. Join this team that is blazing the trail for God in our city!

Preschool and NurseryThis team leads children into a real relationship with Jesus through Bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities and personal interactions.

Prison Ministry

This team carries the love and Gospel of Jesus to those in area prisons and correctional facilities.


Bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team that reaches thousands by delivering the Word and worship through camera, lighting, and other visual elements.

Setup | Take-down Team

This team facilitates REVELATION CHURCH experience by setting up before service and taking down after service.

Small Groups

We believe that real life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a Small Group Leader, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts and live out the Great Commission.


These mighty men and women prepare people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

The Knot (Keeping Nuptials On Top)

Creates environments where couples of all ages can grow in love, respect, and support each other through godly examples.

 S.A.F.E. (Single Adults Faithfully Enduring)

Strives to encourage singles to fully embrace the season of singleness that God is allowing them to experience and serve God wholeheartedly.

RC Tutors

Tutoring Ministry offers tutoring to school age children, grades 1 – 12 with any and all subjects. Tutors have the opportunity to utilize their skills and provide very valuable help to children at RC.


The RC NETWORK is made up of Christian business owners and professionals who have agreed to conduct their businesses and professions based on biblical principles and acceptable Christian business practices. To create a greater public awareness of the scope of services each company provides.


Monitor facilities for the purpose of providing visibility and a security presence and maintaining building security. The goal of the security teams is to protect the integrity of the service and how people are receiving the Word that’s being preached. Listening to a sermon can be a big experience—the Holy Spirit can be speaking to someone—and if there’s a disturbance, that moment can be broken.

If you are interested in joining a Dream Team contact dreamteam@rcmcentral.com